Motorcycle Injuries

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Motorcycle riding has been synonymous with danger and accidents because of the disturbing statistics that’s connected with them. Motorcycle accidents are just like any vehicle accident, however due to some unique factors that motorcycles posses, the damages can be more fatal, and liabilities can be different from car accidents. Lately, victims of motorcycle accidents have shown that it is becoming a middle-aged incident.

Despite being associated with teenage rebellion, it has been noted in recent reports that half of the motorcycle riders that were killed in these accidents were of 40 years of age and above, and nearly a quarter were older than 50 years old. All in all, the average age of motorcyclists killed in accidents was about 38 years old. And it doesn’t help that many states has weakened their helmet laws in the last ten years.

Transportation officials claim that the age trends echo the growing popularity of motorcycle in the ageing community with increasing income but sadly, decreasing physical ability and reaction times. According to federal statistics, about 2 percent of vehicles on the road are motorcyclists; yet, about 10 percent of road accidents and traffic fatalities are due to motorcyclists as well. These are mainly because of lack of control and crashes even without collision to other vehicles, emphasizing the basic risks of driving a motorcycle. And consistently, 90 percent of victims are male.

Based on statistics, motorcycle riders have a high likelihood of getting injured when they are involved in an accident: a whopping 98 percent of multiple vehicle accidents and 96 percent of single vehicle accidents resulted to serious injuries, with only 45 percent escaping with minor injuries. Therefore, in order to have a safe ride in your motorcycle, it is always advised to practice defensive driving, avoid unnecessary risks, and following the rules of the road every time.

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